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NEWTON β€” Bounce is a abundant time to alpha a vegetable garden, but did you apperceive that July and August can additionally be a abundant time to bulb for a abatement vegetable garden?

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Fall breadth ability not accept the aforementioned acceptance as bounce gardens, but there are abounding vegetables that can abound abundant as the acclimate cools; some will alike abide abysmal into the winter months, addition your autumn considerably. With a little alertness now, you can abound some alimental aftermath at home this fall.

Before you bulb a new garden, it consistently helps to do a little background first. Afterwards allotment a acceptable garden atom with abounding sun, be abiding that you accomplish a clay test, unless you accept already taken one in the accomplished two years.

You can aces up the clay analysis boxes at the Catawba County Cooperative Extension Office in Newton, and testing is fee-free through NC Department of Agriculture through Thanksgiving. The turnaround on tests this time of year is about about two weeks, so you accept affluence of time to get the after-effects aback afore you plant.

Once you accept your clay analysis results, you will apperceive absolutely what amendments, if any, you will charge to accomplish your clay garden-ready.

The abutting footfall in advancing your garden is to draw out a architecture of breadth you will bulb anniversary blazon of vegetable. Keeping a architecture and action in a garden account can advice you bethink breadth you accept buried things, as able-bodied as advice you plan out crop rotation.

It’s important to circle areas breadth you abound vegetables in the aforementioned ancestors every year to abate ache and insect pressures on your plants. If you can set up a circling of three or added areas that you can move through every year, you will accept bigger success with breaking the ache aeon in those areas. Bethink to additionally not bulb abatement crops of the aforementioned bulb ancestors breadth you had them for the spring/summer.

When allotment what plants to accommodate in your abatement garden, bethink to use those that adore the acknowledgment weather.

Vegetables in the alacrity ancestors assignment able-bodied in the fall: cauliflower, kale, broccoli, collards, kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, etc. Leafy blooming vegetables, such as bill and spinach, and basis vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, and radishes, additionally abound able-bodied in the acknowledgment months.

Additionally, abatement is a abundant time to bulb onions and garlic for a bounce harvest. You ability alike accede burying abiding asparagus that will abound through the winter and accolade you with a backward winter autumn year afterwards year. Why not try growing article new to your family, and you will accept a fun new vegetable to baker with this fall.

For planting, you accept a brace of altered options. Direct agriculture can be ambiguous in our hot, dry summers. Seeds will charge acknowledgment clay with constant damp to germinate, so you may appetite to accede starting seeds central afore clearing them in the garden, or purchasing amateur plants from one of our bounded garden centers.

If you accept to anon berry into the ground, accept some irrigation set up to accumulate the clay clammy and accede concealment the breadth with admixture or newspapers to accumulate the sun from heating the clay as much. Bethink to accumulate your new plants watered able-bodied so that they get the best alpha in this heat.

Once your garden is planted, you will accept a abundant abatement autumn to attending advanced to acrimonious soon. As the acclimate cools, and summer vegetables activate to decline, you can still accept healthful, beginning aftermath anon from the yard.

If you charge advice starting your abatement garden, or accept added agronomical questions, alarm us at the Catawba County Cooperative Extension (828-465-8240). You can additionally accompany one of our chargeless Agronomical with Built-in Plants talks at the Conover Library Aug. 21 at 4 p.m. or Claremont Library Aug. 23 at 2 p.m. to apprentice added about basal agronomical abilities and utilizing built-in plants in the landscape.

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