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What: 29th AAUW Garden Tour. When: 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, July 18 Where: Gary and Cathy Carlson, 506 8th St. SW; Mike and Colleen Dronen, 1301 8th Ave. SW; Shaun and Deanna Fischer, 805 16 1/2 St. NE; Jon and Connie Lillejord, 1604 Evergreen Drive NW; accession at Arts Center, 115 2nd St. SW. Tickets: $10 beforehand at the Arts Center, Country Area Floral, Don’s Abode of Flowers, Lloyds Toyota, AAUW Bookstore, Dakota Store and AAUW members, or $12 day of the accident at the AAUW bookstore or garden bout locations Contact: Kelly Krein at 252-4690, or appointment

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The 29th AAUW Garden Bout organizers said the four yards this year advertise accomplishment and adroitness application assorted locations, backyard sizes and budgets.

Tour participants can apprentice what varieties of copse and shrubs and flowers abound able-bodied actuality and can booty pictures and ask questions, said Kelly Krein, accident coordinator.

“It’s aloof a nice outing,” Krein said. “This is a absolute acquirements and administration accident if you accept a new backyard and are aggravating to get some account about how to architecture spaces.”

Gary and Cathy Carlson

The 800-foot ellipsoidal cul de sac acreage of Gary and Cathy Carlson sits beyond from Klaus Park area the James River and Pipestem Creek meet. The aroma of lavender copse greets visitors forth with bricked garden and afraid varieties.

“The antecedent buyer had a lot of perennials actuality and we’ve been abacus some and some annuals too,” said Cathy Carlson. “Sometimes they accomplish it, sometimes they don’t.”

An accessible pergola extends from the aback of the home to a centerpiece garden area cattails are a balance of the above pond, forth with a array of lilies, hummingbird feeders and bedrock landscaping.

Clinging accouterment awning century-old ash trees. The anatomic backyard ornaments accommodate a bird house, timberline stumps carved into planters, a copse wagon agriculturalist and a aloft vegetable garden.

Mike and Colleen Dronen

Mike and Colleen Dronen accept a hillside home that connects to burghal acreage with arctic and east overlooks of their basin and burghal Jamestown. About 12 years ago the brace had 35 dump barter endless of rocks placed on the hillside to anticipate abrasion and to alpha above gardening.

A attributes aisle starts from the driveway and runs hundreds of yards with benches and metal art forth the way to accommodate a 6-foot parrot, rooster, buffalo, windmill, airhead bird and brontosaurus.

“I consistently say that we don’t accept a agglomeration of admirable annual area and being but we accept the attributes aisle which is article that not everybody has,” Colleen said.

The aisle runs forth 100 sumac bushes that all about-face red in the abatement to appear in the couple’s drupe garden with raspberries, blueberries and strawberries.

I like to actualize article out of nothing.


“The kids eat raspberries like crazy,” Mike said.

Shaun and Deanna Fischer

Shaun and Deanna Fischer are the alone brace on the bout with kids still active at home. It is a burghal lot after continued acreage but has belted amplitude with trees, area and art-scape.

Deanna said she is artistic in putting calm a nice backyard after a big budget. She upcycled items including bowling assurance from citywide cleanup that were corrective up as frogs, blow bees and ladybugs.

“The amount is right,” Deanna said. “I’m a design-on-a-dime-type lady.”

Planks of copse were corrective up as birdhouses in the advanced windows. Small tables and shelving authority affected items that became planters.

An bogus tree, additionally a citywide cleanup find, forth with metal butterflies, dragonflies and wasps she painted, all accept solar lighting to draw absorption at night.

“I like to actualize article out of nothing,” she said. “I brought these decayed items aback to life.”

Jon and Connie Lillejord

Jon and Connie Lillejord were amid the aboriginal homes in a new development aloof south of Stutsman County Fairgrounds over 30 years ago. A backbone and copse burrow the area from the street.

“It’s consistently affectionate of fun to see them appear about the bend and go, ‘oh,’” Connie Lillejord said.

The 1-acre pie-shaped backyard acclaim slopes with ash, apple, ache and buckthorn trees. The different copse accommodate a complaining caragana, a coiled willow and a angled bandbox ache that are generally a affair of discussion, Connie said.

A new adumbration bulb activity includes ferns and hostas growing beneath ache timberline canopy, while a bogie garden activity includes tiny colia and delicious plants for their “rubbery look,” Connie said. | (701) 952-8455

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