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In the basic burghal of cartage jam, the blooming auto-rickshaw alleged CNG (read CNG-run auto-rickshaw) is one of the best accepted transports for average chic people. There are at atomic 30 thousand CNGs for 20 actor bodies of Dhaka, although alone 15 thousand are approved. However, amidst bags of CNGs, Tapan Bhowmik’s CNG adds a new dimension. Aloft the little blooming auto, plants and flowers are bouncing in the wind. It is an amazing scene. The auto grabs everyone’s absorption as it passes by. In a way, it is the world’s aboriginal rooftop garden, you could say. It is altered because it doesn’t break still like others, it moves. It is a adaptable roof garden.

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Tapan Bhowmik is a bounded citizen of Dhaka’s Goran Harbhanga junction. He goes to his barn aboriginal in the morning breadth he keeps his CNG at night. It is not his own. He drives it on rent. Demography permission from the owner, he angry his auto-rickshaw alike greener by axis it into a allotment of nature.

One morning, while attractive for Tapan in Goran, I got to apperceive that he is actual different. He is actual organised and addicted of beauty. The added locals told me that Tapan has a altered faculty of beauty. Just like others accept begin article new in him, his adolescent brother Sushanta begin him altered back childhood. In boyhood, Tapan alike organised his aeon in a way that it affective everyone’s absorption on the road, Sushanta says. He did the aforementioned affair to his CNG now.

Tapan’s CNG is a amusement to the eyes. Wherever the CNG stops, bodies accumulate around. Thus, I roamed about the quiet and abandoned Hatirjheel breadth on his CNG. I talked to him while adrift around. I got to apperceive the account of authoritative adaptable roof garden.

Tapan told me he got aggressive by watching Chhad Krishi (rooftop agriculture) presented on ‘Hridoye Mati O Manush Daak’ programme. He additionally wants his favourite burghal to be blooming as well. He capital to accord to blooming revolution. He capital to accomplish bodies aware. In his words, if anyone gets aggressive to ample his balustrade or rooftop with greenery seeing his initiative, it would be his greatest achievement.

I asked him how he fabricated this adaptable rooftop agriculture. He chock-full the auto-rickshaw and showed me the roof. He declared how he abounding a animate tray with clay and placed it on the roof. He buried altered copse abounding of flowers and leaves there. He aims to bulb bake-apple and vegetable copse too.

Dear readers, to apperceive how abundant accurate or what copse are acceptable for four-inch-thick clay on the roof of a affective CNG, we talked to agriculturalist Md Kamruzzaman. He said that this action is absolutely scientific. It is not absurd to abound backcountry fruits and alembic vegetables here. Nowadays, bake-apple bearing plants are accessible in the nursery, which abound 7 to 8 inches of height. There are some red chilli which can additionally be frown forth the abuse on the roof, says Dr Kamruzzaman. He additionally says, if you use coco peat instead of soil, the roof will be lighter. He fatigued on putting a balustrade over the top.

Tapan Bhowmik is absolutely a altered affectionate of person. He is not alone creative, he is a man of abundant understanding. Thus, he angry this CNG into article else. He has angry it into a appropriate carriage accepting all kinds of accessories and services. There is affluence of adjustment inside. What do you apprehend as a passenger? There is everything. There are mirror, hairbrush, attach cutter, baptize tap, mineral baptize bottle, video monitor, fan, clock, adaptable buzz charging facility, tissue, pillows, blaze extinguisher etc. He additionally keeps three circadian newspapers. He alike keeps books for the cartage to read. There is additionally Wi-Fi service. Moreover, he doesn’t ask for added book for any of these services. However, cartage generally pay him added 10 or 20 taka on their own. He is annoyed with that.

Life is not alone about livelihood. The needs and desires of Tapan are different. While talking about it, acceptable a little emotional, Tapan says that he acclimated to be a goldsmith. However, afterwards his apparition got weaker and he no best was able to do it. Then, he chose active a CNG to accomplish a living.

Looking at the CNG, you ability feel an appetite to bulb a tree. That’s why, wherever this CNG stands, bodies beam at it with astonishment. To accept breakfast, I went to a restaurant at Moghbazar with Tapan. Soon, the abode got crowded. Everyone was so acquisitive to accept a attending at the CNG. Some were demography pictures. Some were affecting it. Some were alike demography ‘selfies’ while the added CNG drivers came with abounding questions to ask. I admired what CNG disciplinarian Shariful Islam said. He never saw Tapan’s CNG before. However, he heard about it. Hearing about it, he busy his CNG with artificial flowers. He additionally aggregate absorption to bulb copse on the roof soon. Some CNG drivers said that this action of Tapan is absolutely actual able for abstinent the advance of muggers. Abounding of you apperceive how muggers cut the roof of a CNG with a knife and booty abroad actuality from passengers. Moreover, this CNG is additionally acknowledgment than added CNGs. Thus, cartage as able-bodied as the disciplinarian can be comfortable. I additionally told them if they can abode a baby solar console on the roof forth with trees, again they can accept all-important electricity for fan and ablaze inside.

During the 80’s, afterwards alarming advance of rooftop agronomics on Bangladesh Television’s Mati O Manush (Soil and People), this is the additional alternation I am active which is actuality aired on Channel i. Meanwhile two years accept anesthetized with this additional alternation of rooftop farming. Varieties of new initiatives of rooftop agronomics accomplish me actual hopeful. I feel animated to acquisition such a altered and artistic attributes lover like Tapan Bhowmik. It is absolutely admirable for added drivers what he has done to accumulate his adulation aloft aggregate else. Everyone should appear advanced from their corresponding positions to accomplish a blooming city.

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Ideas of Rooftop Vegetable Garden

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