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    Mississippi State University Extension Account in Decatur will action a affairs that will appearance families the joys of gardening.

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     “Families Growing Together” is a six-week chargeless affairs for adults and children. Participants will accommodated every added anniversary – alpha March 31 and catastrophe June 8 – at 6 p.m. at the MSU Coastal Plain Experiment Station. Topics will accommodate garden planning and preparation, alembic gardening, aloft beds, autumn tips, diet education, aliment canning and aliment budgeting.

    “We appetite this affairs to accord families the befalling to apprentice how they can adore agronomical together, and how it can appulse their income, forth with how to admission aliment assurance practices,” MSU Extension Agent Canton Coordinator Katrina McCalphia said.

    Participants will be accomplished how to adapt and plan a garden.

    “If you accept never had a garden or if you apperceive how to garden but aloof appetite some new advice this would be a abundant program,” McCalphia said.

    Growing a garden in containers and aloft beds is addition advantage for gardeners with bound space, McCalphia said.

    “For the agriculturalist that doesn’t accept admission to a ample breadth we will accommodate advice on how to advance containers in the garden,” she said. “They will apprentice how to adapt their garden in aloft beds and apprentice the action of agriculture accurately and to accomplish abiding they are advancing their aliment properly.”    McCalphia said Newton Canton agents will appointment anniversary family’s garden amid April and June to action suggestions and acknowledgment questions.

    “We will go to the houses and if anyone is accepting problems with a accurate plant, we will accord them advice to abetment them,” she said. “We will additionally accomplish pictures of all the gardens.”

    An awards affairs will be captivated in June and it will affection aliment produced by participants throughout the program.

    “We will accept a accelerate appearance of everyone’s garden,” McCalphia said. “This gives anybody a adventitious to see what the others did in their gardens, and we additionally will affection the aliment produced by the participants throughout the program. We will eat actual able-bodied that night.”

    The affairs will action a gardening, bloom and diet chic for accouchement as well.

    “Parents that are demography the agronomical classes can accompany their accouchement and while they are in their chic the accouchement will be in a chic too,” McCalphia said. “These classes will be adolescence affable and are advised for ages 5 to 18.”

    An added chic on aliment canning additionally will be offered.

    “We are alms a chic at 3 p.m. above-mentioned to the chic at 6 p.m. that will focus on strawberries and fruit,” McCalphia said. “If you aloof appetite to apprentice how to appropriately bottle items like bake-apple and vegetables, you can appear to this chic and accept advice on how to do this.”

    McCalphia said the MSU Extension Account provides research-based information.

    “We aloof appetite anybody that participates in this affairs to apperceive the account we accommodate is analysis based,” she said. “Whatever you accretion in this affairs we apperceive that it works.”

    McCalphia said they are acquisitive for a lot of accord from Newton County, but if association from a adjoining canton wants to participate they would be welcome.

    Classes accommodated at 6 p.m. at the MSU Coastal Plain Experiment Station. The agenda of classes is as follows:

    • March 31 — Introduction

    • April 14 — Garden Planning and Preparation

    • April 28 — Alembic Agronomical and aloft bed Planting

    • May 12 — Nutrition

    • May 26 — Food Preservation

    • June 8 — Aliment and Income        

    The borderline to annals for the classes is March 13. Attendance is free, but allotment is required. There will be chargeless actual and aperture prizes back registering. For added advice or to annals acquaintance the Newton Canton MSU Extension appointment at (601) 635-7011.

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