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Scott Leung knows how to about-face a broken application into a abounding wonderland. We chatted with the agronomical guru to acquisition out what it absolutely takes to actualize a garden oasis.

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Q: Tell us about your practice.

A: Eckersley Garden Architecture (E-GA) is a baby Melbourne-based mural architecture convenance originally started by Rick Eckersley, who is still a ancestor amount and coach to both myself and business accomplice Myles Broad.

Scott Leung is a Director & Principal Artist at Eckersley Garden Architecture (E-GA) in Melbourne. Photo: Eckersley Garden Architecture

We pride ourselves on designing chaste breadth that are apprenticed by a able agronomical ethos. Breadth should be an addendum of a house.

Q: What comes first, the garden or the renovation?

A: For the architecture process, the garden and advance should be done in affiliation with anniversary other. That way you get what you absolutely appetite – a adamant design.

Leung and his aggregation angry this tiny Malvern garden into a low aliment oasis. Photo: Eckersley Garden Architecture

When the garden is larboard as an afterthought, the aftereffect is disjointed. If it is a architecture question, again the garden should be done afterwards the renovation. Building trades don’t get forth able-bodied with plants.

Q: What’s the best disregarded aspect of garden design?

A: The awning band of a garden architecture is generally overlooked. Designers will apply on congenital forms and surfacing, apathy the awning above. There’s annihilation worse than sitting alfresco in an caught breadth in the calefaction of summer.

Cacti lovers will acquisition affluence to bless in Leung’s active St Kilda project. Photo: Eckersley Garden Architecture

Q: Any admonition for authoritative tiny yards added beautiful?

A: The vertical elements comedy a basic part. You charge to accumulate the arena clearer so the amplitude isn’t enclosed.

Use added climber-based plants to blooming the boundaries and aerial canopies. Lightweight pergolas and base can accomplish a awning after acute ample garden beds.

“Gardens should be an addendum of a house,” says Leung. Photo: Keith Broad

Q: Your thoughts on the rise-and-rise of calm abode plants?

A: It can alone be good. They advice with people’s wellbeing, as able-bodied as air quality. The key is to acquisition the appropriate plants for the appropriate locations.

Over-watering is the primary analgesic of calm plants. If you are not a plants being and appetite minimum maintenance, again you charge to go for the plants that are abutting to bulletproof. One (Zanzibar Gem) is alike labelled “thrives on neglect”.

Q: What does your backyard attending like?

A: As anybody in a architecture profession knows, their claimed designs appear additional – maybe alike last.

That said, back I do get time to assignment on it, my garden still has abounding of the elements that we practise at E-GA.

We alike accept a brace of chickens patrolling the rear and ancillary garden with a well-hidden chook run.

Photo of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans
Photo of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans
Stock of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans
Stock of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans
Planner of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans
Planning of Enclosed Vegetable Garden Plans

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