Vegetable Garden Planning

Feb 07 2010

How To Build A Greenhouse On A Budget

Learning how to build a greenhouse on a budget will be one of the best investments in knowledge that you will ever make.

Not only will you be able to grow more flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables and plants all year round, but you’ll be proud to know that you made something with your own two hands.

Save money by building your own greenhouse – Based on our analysis you normally save over 50% by building your own greenhouse. That can be hundreds of dollars saved on larger greenhouses

Unfortunately, building your own greenhouse  is not as easy as hammering some wood and plastic together. You need to take into account materials, dimensions, ventilation, heating, positioning and irrigation just to name a few things.

No fancy tools required – We have especially designed our plans so that anyone with basic tools like a handsaw, hammer, drill etc can build our greenhouses.

Here are just a few of the many things you’ll find in your copy:

  • Full color step-by-step scale plans

  • Discover what lighting system you should use depending on what type of plants you wish to grow and when

  • Learn the importance of ventilation and what type of ventilation system you’ll require wether it be vents, doors or exhaust fans
  •  How to select the correct materials to suit your needed effectiveness, affordability and durability

  •  Learn the 8 things you must do to prevent your greenhouse from becoming invested with mold, fungus, bugs and pests

  • Learn how you should modify your greenhouse depending on wether you live in hot, cold, dry, dull, wet or windy conditions

  •  And much much more!


 Learn how to build a greenhouse on a budget today!